What is Native Advertising!

Harmony Ads Admin     12/04/2021    

Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear.


Native ads are often found in social media feeds, or as recommended content on a web page. Unlike display ads or banner ads, native ads don't really look like ads. They look like part of the editorial flow of the page. The key to native advertising is that it is non-disruptive - it exposes the reader to advertising content without sticking out like a sore thumb

Native advertising is a unique way to get your content in front of viewers without it looking like an ad. With native ads, your paid advertisement is designed to match the style of the channel it is placed on. The ads blend in with their surroundings in both form and function instead of looking like a typical paid ad.

Native ads fit well into the traditional sales funnel between the convert and close stages. This is the point in the process where visitors are familiar with your brand, they may know some information about your products and services, and they could have already consumed content you published. Native ads can provide more fuel to the sales funnel, helping to close consumers who are still on the fence.

Spending is expected to rise to almost $44 billion this year on native advertising. Mobile placement is taking over, accounting for 85% of native ads in US markets. Also, advertisers are shifting more of their display ads budget over to native ads, up to as much as two-thirds. Facebook is still the most popular platform for native ads.

Benefits of Native Advertising!

1. Custom content (branded native and branded content) is more trustworthy than traditional advertising

2. Native display ads receive a higher click-through-rate (CTR) than typical display ads

3. Native Advertising are never intrusive

4. Native advertising on mobile is the ad format of choice for millennials

5. Native ads generate higher click rates than other mobile ads

6.Native Advertising Builds Up Relevance

7. Native Advertising Empowers Customers

8. Native Advertising Captures More Attention

9. Potential reach is greater harmonyads