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Harmony Ads is a full service digital marketing agency located in Lagos; Nigeria. We are a group of talented and dedicated professionals providing branding service, digital marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing with a passion and exceptional skills in organic search engine optimization. We are building strong connection with major digital media billboard around the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow brands, create experience and solve business marketing problems using advanced marketing techniques. Harmony Ads aimed to disrupt the fast-marketing industry through "radical transparency" and dominancy for an Afro element in all our advert design. We blend culture into Digital Advertising

Our Plan

Our plan is to create a strong, positive perception of a company, product, or services in the customer's mind by combining such elements as logo, design, mission statement, and a consistent theme throughout all marketing communications. We make ads simply classic with dominancy of an Afro element on every design.

Our Vision

At Harmony Ads our purpose links us to something bigger than ourselves. Our Vision is enabled by people powered by technology, and open to everyone. We make Advertising as visible as possible on every channel


We are a Digital advertising agency that helps business create classic marketing products, experience and platforms that have a lasting impact on thier consumer

Digital Advertising

We provide ranges of online advertising all through social platforms, email marketing, mobile marketing and search engines to deliver promotional messages to consumers.

Social Media Marketing

We have exquisite knowledge providing social media promotional messages ranging from using image, logo, video and detail content to promote businesses.

Search Engine Optimization

Our seo skills will put your business on top of major search engines thereby giving your business more visibility.

Website Design and Content

Every business needs a website to improve online visibility. We provide detail web content and well structured website. We provide Website Design and content writing with our teams of talents.

Email Marketing Automation

Since 50% of qualified leads are not ready to purchase immediately, Harmony Ads provide automated process of following up with prospects to move them through the buying cycle which will allow business to effectively leverage the leads they already have and drive more sales over time.

Outdoor Digital Media

We are building strong connection with major outdoor digital billboard around the globe to improve the visibility of our client business not only online but also native digital medias.

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You can call us on +2347061610090 or make enquiries through the contact form. We are available all days 8am - 6pm except Sundays

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Our Skills

We are a team of many talents. Here’s some of our outstanding talent that will give your business a boost

SEO & SEM Skills 100%
Email & Mobile Marketing Skills 100%
Graphic Design 100%
Content Strategy & Management Skills 100%
Website Design & IT Skills100%


“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford






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No 27 Bankom Shopping Plaza, Badore Rd, Ajah, Lagos; Nigeria.

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